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Alessandra Mariotti

Mallorca | Florence
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Holistic Dining is about a conscious approach to food that delights all the senses, nourishing the body and the soul.

Alessandra Mariotti, a Michelin Star and Cordon Bleu trained Chef, delivers a flavourful, nutritious and refined culinary service, taking care of every detail from tableware to tableservice, delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

Based between Mallorca and Tuscany and available for private functions, retreats, recipe and menu development and consultations.

About me

I began working as a holistic chef out of the desire to bring the enjoyment of delicious, indulgent and sophisticated food to all.

Having lived with friends having multiple food allergies and a history of struggling with my own health and nutrition I began to dive deeper and deeper into the world of health-conscious cuisine to discover and develop ways to still enjoy food while keeping an eye on diet, intolerances and nutrition.

I believe that taking care of your health is the key to a happy and balanced life and this starts from what you put into your body.

I prioritize working with local, sustainable ingredients, choosing whole foods and seasonal produce for my dishes. I enjoy experimenting with the incredible array of magical superfoods that the world has offer, as long as they come from sustainable reliable sources.

Despite having had a lifelong interest in food and cooking I began my venture into the culinary world a bit later than others.

I trained as a fashion designer in my hometown of Florence and ran my own label for most of my twenties while living in London. During this period I also took on the role of event director for the family business in Italy where I plan and set up intimate weddings throughout the year.

After many years traveling back and forth between Palma de Mallorca, Florence and London I decided to make the huge step of closing down shop and leaving the UK.


I felt that is was time to follow my heart and begin a life that was more true to the person I had become, so I enrolled in the Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy of Florence and began training as a professional chef. After completing my formal culinary training I went on to work at one of Florence’s leading restaurants in innovative fine dining Gurdulù, under the guidance of award wining Chef Gabriele Andreoni. This incredible first experience in a professional kitchen led me to Mallorca where I went on to work with Michelin Starred Chef Andreu Genestra at his “farm-to-fork” restaurant in Capdepera. After experiencing at first hand the astonishing work of these outstanding restaurants and their powerhouse teams I understood the true meaning of the love of food.

I created “Holistic Dining” to merge all that I have learned and love, from design to nutrition, travel to tableware, tradition to fine dining, and to share it with the world.